9 Tips For A Better Life

In a world of chaos and big changes happening so fast to spend a better and happier life is very important for a stable mind. We all know and attend many spiritual lessons, but we aren’t going to see a difference until we practice some lessons from the Islamic point of view. Even though we might know most of these, it is necessary to repeat so that the knowledge is firm in our hearts. Here are some guidelines to lead a happier and content life:

  1. Having strong Iman and acting upon it, we can have a content and happier life only if we stick by our belief in which is encompassed belief in Allah that He is the creator and Provider and He will see to it if we please Him that the hardships we face are not a big burden on us.
  2. Being Grateful for whatever situation we are in and for whatever we have. Always look at the people in worse condition that yourself, at least you live in a country you are not forced to leave and you have food on your plate. Allah will improve your condition if you are grateful. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “The people of Lot denied the warning. Indeed, We sent upon them a storm of stones, except the family of Lot – We saved them before dawn. As a favor from Us. Thus do We reward he who is grateful.” (54:33-35)
  3. Be Patient, this world is temporary, even if you are tired remember a believer is rewarded and sins forgiven for every trial and pain he goes through.
  4. Istighfar was done by the Prophets even they did not sin like us. Allah says “… and the men and the women who remember Allah much with their hearts and tongues. Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward (i.e. Paradise).” [al-Ahzab 33:35]
  5. When we acquire Taqwa, then problems are solved from sources we can not even think of.
  6. Salah, when we pray we are closest to Allah in sujood , we an share our troubles with Allah through it. The Prophet used to pray in times of trouble, salah was not to be avoided even in the time of prayer.
  7. Du’aa, even when not answered there are somethings that are avoided for you to be saved from the evil of it and some are accepted because it was right for you and the rest are accumulated so that you get the reward of those in the hereafter.
  8. Tawakkul meaning trusting Allah on what He has planned for us, of course we should not just sit and let things happen, we need to strive to get the results that Allah has destined us to get.
  9. Lastly we should be content in whatever situation we are in, and never be a problem for others but be the solution in the Islamic society.

Think about what we do in these 9 points, do we do all of these perfectly? Feel your inner peace by striving to do these and you will see a difference in your life in shaa Allah.

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