Forgiveness: Owning the Truth of You

In December 2004, the father of the author of this poem was brutally murdered as his slept, hacked to death with a machete. This attack was a response to the author’s father saving three children from abuse. He paid for this good deed with his life. This piece is a response to his murderer. An acknowledgment that we all are in one way or another guilty of hurting others and all in need for forgiveness.

Forgiveness: Owning the Truth of You

We all in our lives will
inflict pain on others.
Either knowingly and with
intent or through our own
carelessness and without
malicious intentions. Yet
we have left the other
scarred. It’s when we can
own the truth of
ourselves, the good we
cultivate, and the less
favorable we hide away,
that we can heal from
that which wounded us.
It’s then we can let “it”

go and be.

Our Creator (الْخَالِقُ)  is
the Oft Forgiving (الْغَفَّارُ)
and knowing that
the Lord of the Worlds
(ربّ العالمين)
the Creator (الْخَالِقُ) of All
that is and All that will
ever be, forgives me,
little old me, every time
I turn to Him with a
heart filled with regret,
well it just leaves me
speechless and awestruck

each and every time.

How can I knowing this
not forgive others? And
not ask others to forgive

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