Is My Hajj Accepted?

Buzzing with excitement, filled with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation, one returns from hajj. “Ah! What an experience!” Words are insufficient to describe the iman-pumping atmosphere. The happiness from hajj will last long after the event, even years later those days are remembered with a glowing cheerfulness. However, iman rises and falls, and sometimes the iman burst is short lived.  Eyes that once smiled, now have a glimmer of sadness; back to the “usual-self,” and mundane routine as iman plummets and life goes back to normal. One eagerly yearns for that spiritual high; that emotional nostalgia that reminds them of the few days spent in earnest worship, in dedication to their Lord.

In such moments of lows, one questions, whether the hajj was accepted. Was I truly sincere? Were my sins forgiven? Was I amongst those saved from the hellfire?

Hence, it is necessary that one knows the signs of an accepted Hajj. Prior to making the Hajj, one should educate themselves on the rituals of Hajj so as to perform the Hajj in accordance with the Sunnah, they should have ikhlaas (sincerity), and purify their intentions. These are the two basic conditions for acceptance of any deed, hence are of primary importance.

Naturally, one should have established in his or her life the obligations, such a salah, and should use halal money to pay for the expenses of the hajj. These go without saying.

Now onto the more intricate signs of an accepted hajj. And they are as follows:

  • During the Hajj the person avoided sins, arguments and immoral actions.
  • Despite the high tensions due to constant close proximity with others in over-whelming crowds, being able to maintain patience, and restrain frustration and anger throughout the hajj is another positive sign
  • Throughout the hajj the intention was sincerely to please Allah. It’s helpful to recall your intention throughout the journey to be able to evaluate it. Did you go to please Allah, to seek His forgiveness, or was it to show off? To earn the title “Hajji”? How about when you read Qur’an and that brother/sister was sitting beside you on the open ground of Muzdalifah? How was your intention when you prayed tahajjud in the tents in Mina? How about when your tears flowed on the plains of Arafah?
  • How has hajj changed you? The aim of every act of worship in Islam is to get closer to Allah and to improve ourselves, thus after performing hajj one should naturally be a better person.
  • The person does not go back to disobeying Allah, he avoids as many sins as possible, especially those that were his weakness.

And to round it all up, that the individual continues to ask Allah to accept their Hajj, without falling into despair, but rather has hope for Allah’s mercy and his forgiveness. May Allah accept our hajj and the hajj of all those who respond to His invitation.

“And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise.” (Bukhari)


  • Almas  

    Assalamualaikum Amina
    Assalamualaikum warahamatullahi wabarakatuhu
    This is Almas
    I have been waiting for days to contact you after hajj.
    pls do contact me!

    I am going for exit soon
    Wanted to meet you dear!

    • Almas  

      I ll be probably leaving in a ASAP!

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