Lessons From My Life

The past few months had been busy, really  busy with things experienced for the first time in my life, a move from one city to another, moving into a large family and a wedding coming up.

If you had not  experienced these many changes at once in your life then you might not know how busy and how much endurance you have to have to do everything at once, the millennial generation might be experiencing similar changes which are very new to us, makes us nervous and its too hard to face these changes after a very calm and steady life.

Here I want to share the experiences and the lessons I learned along with the things I reflected upon.

So when I moved I knew  that I won’t be seeing most things that are closest to my heart; my school where I spent my childhood, my madrasa where I spent the most beautiful and happy days , my beloved friends  turned into sisters; leaving all this seemed to choke me up every time I remembered the sad news. Even though I tried to ignore it as  if I never heard it. But then it hit me that this world is temporary and we all have to leave everything behind. If we are never tested by loss of things then we might never remember our final destination. I then made a resolution not to take things to heart and stress over them, rather work for that final destination where we can be happy forever, cherishing the people we love and spending forever and ever with them.

The next thing I realized was that even if I was still in Saudi Arabia, this city was totally different from Jeddah. Jeddah was close to the Haram; it showed those signs, there were more people praying in the mosques and I personally felt calm and happy knowing the Haram was  close to us; that we could go there any time and feel close to Allah. This was the biggest loss I have felt and still feel, hence now realizing that you really need to seize the opportunities when you have them or else all is lost when its gone, and there is no going back until and unless  Allah wills.

Then moving in with a big family taught me some lessons as well, the world might be a place to be cautious about but the world inside can be something  to be more cautious. Watching your every step and every move are the people at home, people other than your parents.  It is necessary to be patient and be good to those around you even when you are feeling low so that there are no misunderstandings. This life is a test inside the house and outside, wherever you may be. So be patient because verily Allah is with the patient.

And lastly planning a big event, which takes immense  pains to complete every task. Only then can we only hope that everything goes well by the will of Allah. When I heard the the Imams crying out to people to plan for Ramadan I now know exactly what he was saying; to plan out each and every detail of it so that we get maximum benefit from it. And after all that planning if something ever goes wrong then we need to remember that  Verily Allah is the best of planners.

Have you ever sat back and reflected on the circumstances in your life? What lessons did you learn from them? Feel free to share your lessons with us in the comment section.

May Allah allow you to benefit from my experiences.

Fatima Damad

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  • Duha  

    Jazaki Allahu khairan sister for sharing your life experience. True that most of us do not realise the blessing we are in until it is taken away from us. Your article was incredible keep up the good work!

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