Ready, Set, Go! Towards Studies

The academic year began awhile ago and we are now in the midst of it, when we feel the most laid back , bored and just want the year to end , the time just doesn’t seem to go fast enough like in the beginning of the year and at the end . This is the perfect time to buck up and renew that feeling of a new student back to when we started . By following these simple steps , you will feel that you never went into a slump and the whole year was productive.

  1. Intentions: Renew your intentions. Why are you studying this? Remind yourself of the goals and ambitions you had when you first started studying . Also making your intention that you do it for Allah, and He will make your education beneficial for you here and in the hereafter. For example; if you are studying business then think of it as you are doing it as it is a sunnah and also if you earn money then you can be healthy and do more ibadah and also you can give more charity, so this education will give you ajar and also make you feel happier. Wake up every morning and before starting to study remind yourself as to why you do this.

2. Patience: Home works, assignments, travel, classmates and even teachers can test your patience. But remember that anything and everything that is right in this world requires patience, be it cooking food or dealing with family. Education gives you long term benefits so why would that come so easy?

3. Acting upon the knowledge acquired: Applying the knowledge in your daily life will make you remember things and also will be a benefit to you; you will never feel like it was a waste!

  1. Making use of our precious time: When we are in good health and we have free time we need to do things before hand , as who knows how long our health will be with us and what matters come up which don’t give us a minute to rest. When we use our time wisely we begin to feel happy in whatever we learn as the feeling of satisfaction sets in.
  2. Learn by the right way, for some it might be just listening and for some writing, whichever way you choose to study you have to revise daily , weekly , monthly and also yearly so that you don’t forget all the hard earned knowledge .

I hope these tips will help everyone get back on track , and may Allah bless us with the right knowledge. Ameen.

In our next article we will explore some more useful tips on getting on with studies and never lagging behind.



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