…Then They Married

She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen

He’d love her forever InShaaAllah 

Finally he was ready to marry her

Three years after they met

She’s given herself to him

And now she no longer feared because finally

Her wedding day had come 

They would live in bliss of that she was sure

She already knew all about him

They understood each other

Nothing would break them apart

For him is started six months after the wedding 

A new girl had started at his office 

She looked so sweet

And always smelled nice

Casual conversation couldn’t hurt

The odd coffee here and there

What’s the harm?

Soon his wife lost the luster she once had before they were married

And all he could think of was office girl

She did not nag him

And she always wore make up

Her hair was perfect 

After the baby was born 

His wife found it difficult manage her looks

But should that really matter?

By this time there was a new girl

This one at the gym

His wife had no time for him

She was busy raising their son

And minding their home

She found herself seeking solace 

With friendships online

When they looked at each other now

Strangers they had become

That’s the trick of the shayteen

Beautify when it’s haram 

And tear down that beautiful image the moment it is halal

They hadn’t built their marriage on trust in Allah

They relied on themselves

And thought they would beat the odds 

How foolish we can sometimes be

And now what?

She drew closer to Allah

And that annoyed him so much 

Divorce came next 

She felt alone 

But she was determined to do it right this time

Trust in Allah

And not stray from him

Finally she got it

It’s her akhirah that matters

Who knows what Allah has in store?

But now that her heart is firm upon His religion 

Her dua is to keep it that way.

Lesson learned 

The hard way 

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