Those Who Deserve The Curse

Article (1)

I curse you to Hell”; “Go to Hell”; “You have my curse on you”…..

Ever recall hearing such phrases? More importantly whether you have heard it or not, is how would you feel if someone cursed you?

Offended, upset, angry or perhaps you may feel vengeful and retaliate with another curse?

Take a moment here, and delve in that fertile imagination of yours or perhaps bring back a bitter recollection from memory lane and try to imagine or remember how you felt when someone had cursed you.

In truth it hurts, doesn’t it? Now here’s the big question- What would your take be, on being cursed by Allah? May Allah always protect us from incurring His wrath and forgive us.

COULD anything be more catastrophic than that! How fearful indeed it is to be among those who Allah has cursed!

Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest), Our Creator, Our King, if He withholds mercy from us, than is there anyone who can be merciful to us, if He is angry with us, is there anyone who can forgive us, if He decides to punish us, name me one who can relieve us.

The lamentable aspect of the whole issue is that many commit deeds without actually even knowing that Allah has cursed the doer of those deeds…

Yes, that’s right, there are some people designated as those who deserve Allah’s Curse.

Now don’t just relax and think “No way, I am totally not included amongst them, however I am, or whatever I have done, I definitely haven’t done anything as heinous as to incur the Wrath and Curse of Allah.

Well, my sincere advice to you would be to come out of your delusions, you are only fooling yourself and no one else, trust me on this.

Being cursed by Allah means being cast far away from goodness and being removed from His mercy. And it was said that being cursed by Allah means being cast far away from Him. Everyone whom Allah has cursed is far away from His mercy and deserves punishment, so he is indeed doomed.

The curse of Allah upon those of His slaves who deserve it, means, His diverting that person away from the path of true guidance towards the path of misguidance and evil, or His uttering what this person deserves of a curse and mentioning this person by way of cursing him.

Remember, this curse has nothing to do with a sign or symbol that appears on a person or that appears to him, such as something coming down to him from the sky, or something appearing in his form or image, or his seeing something that is indicative of this curse, and other such illusions.

It also has nothing to do with any kind of insanity or leprosy or other kind of illness befalling him.

The curse is a shar‘i ruling that has to do with the person’s religious commitment in this world and his fate with his Lord in the Hereafter.

There may be situations where you see someone living the most luxurious and finest of life in terms of outward appearances, but there’s a possibility that he may be cursed before Allah and cast out from His mercy.

On the flip side of the coin you may encounter a person who has the lowest standing among the people and the hardest of life; he may seem to be the unluckiest or the most unkempt in outward appearance, but before Allah, he may be one of those who are saved and victorious, upon whom Allah’s mercy is bestowed.

Therefore, it is indeed of paramount importance to ensure that we aren’t included in this blacklist. Hence, the purpose of this new series In Sha Allah, wherein we shall by means of authentic ahadith describe those who deserve Allah’s Curse, and learn to be wary of them and strongly avoid them, so be on the lookout for the next article In Sha Allah.


-Bint Ayesha
Writer, AAT

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