Why Do Some Muslim Women Cover Their Faces

A question plaguing the minds of many, I’ve been asked it a million times, and I’m sure many of my sisters have too. Listed below are the religious reasons and some personal reasons as to why some Muslim women choose to cover their faces.

  • It is a Command from Allah: Some women believe that the command to cover their adornment includes their faces, as the face is the center of beauty, and so they comply with this command of Allah wilfully covering their faces.
  • A means to attain Allah’s pleasure: Others do not believe that the command includes the face, as the face is “ordinarily seen,” however they do maintain that it is more pleasing to Allah, as it’s an extra step of modesty.
  • Spiritual Connection: Covering the face naturally makes one feel closer to Allah, it is an act of devotion, love and submission.
  • Empowerment: Covering the face gives strength, it puts you in control of who sees you. You are able to make your own dress choices.
  • Confidence: Hiding emotions behind the face veil is great way to bluff through many situations. No one can see when you bite your lip out of nervousness or when your jaw drops out of shock. It gives confidence to the nervous, and self-assurance to the insecure, and unconfident.
  • Reduces Judgmental perspectives: People are unable to judge you by your looks, or facial expressions. Rather it is your intelligence, personality and righteousness that radiates. People can’t see your face, and so they cannot form a critical opinion without actually getting to know you.
  • Deters Attention: We must admit our faces are the center of attraction, and so by covering it, it deters unwanted male attention.
  • A Symbol of Independence: Yes, we women choose to wear the niqab, we are not forced to wear it!
  • An indication of Morality: The one who dons the niqab pairs it with shyness, and upright moral character for the full impact of the face veil to be evident. The Niqab is sign that she is not interested in cat-calls, and other such advances. It is a higher level of modesty.
  • A means of Respect: Women gain respect, and admiration, without becoming an object for all the wrong reasons. They gain rights without being sexualised.
  • Imitation of the Mothers of the Believers: The wives of the Prophet peace be upon him covered their faces, and they were the best of women. It is no wonder many women feel the need to imitate them.
  • We earnestly want Jannah! Jannat-ul-firdaws is our goal, and so by putting in the extra hard work we hope to reap the rewards of Allah’s pleasure in Jannah. That’s not to say other women who do not cover their faces do not work hard for paradise; rather everyone has strengths and weaknesses and areas they can excel in, and others in which they fall short.

So the next time someone asks, why are you covering your face, do not be shy and give your best answer! Defend your deen!

May Allah aid us in perfecting our faith, and doing that which pleases Him.

Bint Muhammad

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  • Sara  

    Assalamu Alaykum to the AA Team!

    This was a beautiful read, simple, concise and much-needed ma-Shaa-Allah.

    Jazaki Allah Khair!

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