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Assalamu Alaykum Team (AAT) is devoted to providing quality services for you to use whatever the occasion. We specialise in a range of services which can help you, or your business flourish.

Himmah College of Dawah

Himmah College of Da’wah is the world’s first online Da’wah College educating individuals how to convey the message of Islam in the most effective manner. Our programs are designed to give you the best insight and knowledge in the field of Da’wah and other Islamic sciences. Taught by leading scholars from around the world; Himmah’s courses are devised to enhance your skills, knowledge and ability to share your deen. We culture a community of eager and engaging da’ees, keen on achieving success in this world and the hereafter. We offer courses in Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and Arabic, with specializations in the field of Da'wah. All our courses are tuition free, with only a small Administration fee.

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Dawah Share

Assalamu Alaykum Team (AAT) founded in 2011 now brings you a unique Islamic social networking Site called 'Dawah Share.' Designed by muslims for muslims, this new invention (if we may call it so) is the latest development of AAT. It is designed to bring muslims, new and old, and those interested in Islam onto one platform governed by Islamic guidelines. It's like Facebook but without all the fitna!


So...What's so great about Dawah Share?

Well, as I stated above it will be governed by Islamic guidelines. There is none of those indecent advertisements. No idle, false talk. No Gossip. No improper pictures or images. It is designed to be beneficial, and all the content will Inshallah be advantageous to your akhirah. And lastly, it has all the reminders you need to keep your imaan sky high!

Social Networking is such a popular activity, that's why we have created our own version, rather than spending time scrolling through unnecessary posts, visit 'Dawah Share' and rejuvenate your imaan or learn something new about your deen.

What's more, it's a platform to invite non-muslims to Islam, to help them see the light that Allah has blessed us with. Every non-muslim is a potential muslim, if we view them from this perspective it will make our task of Da'wah easier.

Dawah Share presents a world of opportunities:

-Create your own personalised profile

-Add a cover photo

-Privatize your profile

-Connect with Friends and Family

-Video Chat

-Add friends, and unfriend at anytime

-Share, like and comment on images, posts and Status' updates

-View who has visited you profile

-Create quizzes


 Dawah share has a lot to offer, even for the business oriented:

-Sell your products

-Create your own events

-Attend events

-Conduct online meetings

-Run your own webinar

-Conduct voting polls

-Get feedback in the form of likes/comments and shares


 It is a unique social networking site developed to consider your hereafter! All its features are easy access to everyone, whether you are a regular user or a business user. Everyone enjoys the same benefits!


Back in the golden age of Islam, muslims led the way in new developments and inventions. So, why not support us to bring that glory back to islam, and the muslims?!



So, to sign-up visit:  www.dawahshare.com


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Da’wah Training

We train and license du’aat (Da’ees) through a range of rigorous training programmes to give them a firm base when dealing with mad’ooween (invitees).  We teach them the basics of Islam first, then how to approach non-muslims with the intent of delivering the correct, and most concise picture of Islam, as knowing your own deen is imperative before you can share it accurately with others. Therefore we ensure our da’ees are well equipped and can respond in the best and most appropriate manner to non-muslims, without being offensive or bombarding. We aim to provide du’aat with a professional foundation by licensing them once they have attended our training sessions. (Licenses need to be renewed yearly, to ensure that the du’aat’s knowledge is revised and updated).

We aim to license approximately 1000 da'ees by 2016, by hosting and delivering training internationally to muslims who aspire to take on the mission.

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