Meet our Team

Assalamu Alaykum Team (AAT) is a non-profit organisation of volunteers working for the pleasure of Allah. Our motto is the hadith narrated by Abu-Hurayrah (ra), in which the prophet (saw) said; “Islam began as something strange, and it shall return to being strange, so give glad tidings to the strangers. ” This hadith eloquently describes the situation of the practising muslims today, who are striving for the love of Allah. They are strangers to their community, and rejected because of their sincere devotion to propagating the message of Islam.

The members of AAT are a dedicated team working together to create an international da’wah community where non-muslims, new muslims and da’ees can find answers, support and resources. United we stand, divided we fall. The prophet (saw) is reported to have said; “The believers in their mutual love, mercy and compassion are like one body; if one organ complains the rest of the body develops a fever .” We are a tight network working collectively to achieve our goals and attaining the pleasure of Allah.

Executive Members

Rayan Fawzi Arab
Founder, CEO of AAT
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br. Rayan created AAT to materialise his dream of making an impact on society, and leaving a legacy dedicated to the service of Islam. Br Rayan has studied at International Islamic University, Baytown University, American International University and College of Business and Administration. Brother Rayan has authored books about Islam, and is a teacher, coach and trainer at Old Airport Da’wah Centre. Brother Rayan previously hosted the ‘Keys of Happiness’ Radio talk show on 96.2 Saudi FM. He currently works with Islamic Education Foundation, and is an active da'ee in the field. He conducts the Da'wah Workshop for Huda TV, a series detailing Da'wah methods. 

Assim Al Hakeem
Advisory Board of AAT
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem is a well-known scholar of Islam. He appears on Huda TV’s Question and Answer Session among many other roles. He is the founder of which is a ‘Fatwa’ site answering questions for Muslims. He also conducts various ‘live’ lectures.

Wajdi Akkari (Abu Mussab)
Master Propagator (Da’ee)
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br Wajdi Akkari became fully involved in da’wah work after he gave a leaving speech to a member at the Jeddah Da’wah Centre. He was selected for his unique perspective. Since then, he has become renowned for his upright approaches and adherence to the Quraan and Sunnah. Furthermore, he is the founder of  and regularly gives lectures at Jeddah Da’wah Centre.

Yusha Evans
Master Speaker
Location: North Carolina, USA

Br Yusha Evans accepted Islam in 1998 after exploring religion and reading the Quraan. He majored in psychology and has studied under various muslim scholars. He is the founder of two Islamic Television channels, and is currently studying with Sheikh Waleed al Menesse, as well as being a full time da’ee. You can find out more about him on

Abu Hajar
Human Resources Manager
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br. Abu Hajar works for Islamic Education Foundation, and was invited to join AAT by Br Rayan.

Training Division

Ismail Wangde
Director of AAT Training Division
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br Ismail Wangde is an IT Manager. He is also a BAIS (Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies) student at Islamic Online University (IOU). Brother Ismail became involved in da’wah once he realised the emphasis Allah placed on it in the Quraan, so when the opportunity to join AAT was presented, he immediately registered.

Zeky Ahmed
Associate Trainer
Location: Canada

Br Zeky Ahmed is the founder of He is an active trainer at AAT, his most recent webinar was entitled “Boost your social IQ.” His sales experience and entrepreneurial skills are valuable, and have helped him to break records at every company he has worked for. Inshallah they will help us here at AAT too. He now uses his skills to empower muslims and educate them through his website.

Females Affairs

Hend al Shareef
Vice President Female Affairs
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sister Hend works as a volunteer da’eeyah at Jeddah Da’wah Centre. She came into contact with AAT through the webinar entitled ‘Diploma in Tawheed.’ She has since then been a vital member of AAT. She currently heads AAT’s female section.

Asmaa Abdul Hameed

Academics Researcher/Writer

Location: Kuwait

Sis Asmaa is a ‘Student of Knowledge,’ with a Masters in Hadith and multiple ijazahs in Quraan and Hadith memorisation and recitation. She currently teaches Quraan and Fiqh. She joined AAT after purchasing Br Rayan’s Da’wah publication. 

Bibi Zainab Dowlut
Editor-in-chief/ Writer
Location: United Kingdom

Sister Zainab is currently studying her Islamic Studies Diploma with IOU, after choosing not to go to secular university, for the sake of studying her deen. She has lived in Libya, where she developed a passion for working on an international level, with people from different backgrounds. She volunteered with AAT after successfully completing two webinar courses under the instruction of Br Rayan.

Fatima Damad

Admin Assitant to Editor

Location Saudi Arabia

Sis Fatima is a high school graduate currently studying Arabic and Islamic Studies with Islamic Education Foundation, KSA. She has been interested in da’wah from a very young age, and joined AAT to materialise her dream of being an active da’iyah.

Anisah Matasim
Location: Brunei

Sister Anisah is currently an IT teacher, yet is still a student. A student in search of more Islamic knowledge to quench her thirst. She began practising her deen in 2011.

Maha Bint Nayeem

Writer and Graphics Designer

Location: Saudi Arabia

Sis Maha is a studnt of knowledge. She is presently pursuing her intermediate second year in Jeddah. She has avid intrests in pursuing a BA in Islamic Studies and BA in Islamic Finance after her intermediate. She also currently teaches Fiqh, and subjects related to Islam for da'wah purposes. She found AAT after reading their weekly blog.


Maliha Rahmat
Instructor Children’s Program
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sister Maliha is currently studying the BAIS program with IOU. She became involved with AAT, through Br Rayan who helped organise one of Dr Bilal Philips (Dean of IOU) visits to the Kingdom. She has always had a passion for working with children, as their purity and yearning for knowledge is reflected on their faces. She feels it is incumbent upon her to reveal the treasures of the world and the hereafter to all children.

Dr Zainab Turjuman
Instructor Children’s Program
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sister Zainab studied her BA in English and Masters in Applied Linguistics in Saudi Arabia. She has worked at various universities and currently teaches English for Da’wah purposes, with Jeddah Da’wah Centre. She has attended many Islamic seminars and workshops, and is currently completing her Qur’an memorisation at Dar Redhwan.

Sayada Ansari
Webinar/da’ee Trainer 
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sister Sayada is a freelance English teacher, she has completed training with London Teacher Training College, and the British Council (Jeddah). She has delivered various presentations and training programs. She is currently studying a ‘Coaching and Mentoring’ Course with the Institute of Leadership and Management. She has been involved in da’wah work with AAT since 2013.


Rumana Rahman
Communications Officer
Location: Saudi Arabia

Sister Rumana is currently studying her BA in Bussiness Administration as well as a Diploma in Islamic Studies with IOU. In addition, she is a writer for the ‘Enlightenment Magazine’ published by ‘Dar al Yanabaey al Jinan’ and a transcriber for ‘Ask the Shaykh Project’ with IOU. Her inspiration to work for the deen came naturally from her parents. 

Mohammad Amin
Application Developer
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br Mohammed studied Maths and Statistics at university, and subsequently Application Development, after which he specialised in Mobile Applications. He is a System Analyst at National Prawn Company (NPC), where alongside his work, he focuses on da’wah. It was here that he met Br. Rayan and joined AAT.

Areeb Khan
Graphics Designer
Location: Saudi Arabia

Despite being born Muslim, Br Areeb Khan never truly discovered his deen and connection with Allah until 2011. Since then he has taken life seriously, he joined Jeddah Islamic Events group and became involved in the community. Through them he was introduced to AAT, where he pursues his obligation of Da’wah. He is also currently studying his BSC in Mechanical Engineering.

Yusuf Darunday
Event Co-ordinator
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br. Yusuf, also known as ‘Eufemio’, accepted Islam in 1998. He was introduced to Jeddah Da’wah centre in 2012, and subsequently co-founded the JDC Filipino Muslim Society. He was also elected to a Secretarial post of this branch of JDC. Through his work with JDC, he soon became affiliated with Br Rayan’s work and AAT.

Jason Lee Blair
Director of Operations, US Division
Location: USA

Following his acceptance of Islam in 2000, Br Jason delved into as many islamic books as he could. In 2012, after he resigned from his post in the Office of Information and Technologies with the Colorado State Government, he has devoted his time to da'wah, studying more about Islam through IOU's Diploma Program and joining AAT.

(Sheikh) Abu Muhammad Naseem
Representative for Australia and South Pacific Region
Location: Australia

Sheikh Abu Muhammad graduated from the Faculty of Shariah in Islamic University Madinah. He is currently the Imaam of Australian International Academy, where he is a co-ordinator of Quraan and Islamic studies classes and Director of Mecca Australia. He is also a member of various youth and Da’wah groups locally and internationally.

Representative for Russia
Location: Russia

Br Tamerlan is originally from Chechnya. He was inspired through Br Rayan’s youtube videos, and soon after attended the Tawheed webinar. He has since been in search of more authentic Islamic knowledge and has enrolled at IOU.

Dawud Van Edradan
Position: TBC
Location: Saudi Arabia

Br Dawud embraced Islam in 2007. He has been associated with JDC and has studied Islam with them. Under Br Rayan’s supervision he learned Tajweed, Da’wah training and takes Arabic classes.

Mohammad Ameeruddin
Position: TBC
Location: India

Br Mohammad attended a Da’wah training workshop by Al-Asr foundation, headed by Ather Khan (a world-renowned da’ee). During this course he studied verse 104 from Surah Aal-Imran; (“Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islam), enjoining Al-Ma'ruf (i.e. Islamic Monotheism and all that Islam orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (polytheism and disbelief and all that Islam has forbidden). And it is they who are the successful.”) which motivated him to become a full time da’ee. Shortly afterwards, he joined Islamic Information Centre Hyderabad, where he works as a da’ee and counsellor.

S.Sameer Ahmed
Position: TBC
Location: Jeddah

He was introduced to Br Rayan and AAT through his presence at AAT webinars. After attending the Training of Da’ees Webinar he recognised the importance of Da’wah, especially after hearing about the incident where Allah commanded the angels to destroy a town, and start the destruction with the most pious man because he did not spread the message.  Brother Sameer currently works as an RF Engineer through a sub-con for STC. 

The AAT Executive Team is undeniably a diverse ensemble of devoted Muslims who are working solely to promote the deen of Allah. Though from different backgrounds, each member brings a talent and skill to the team which solidifies its foundations as an international da’wah organisation.

We pray that Allah accepts our efforts, and makes our task easy for us. We ask Him, glorified is He, to make us successful in this life and the Hereafter. May He forgive us for our shortcomings and mistakes, and may He reward us with the pleasure of paradise and seeing His face.

Bibi Zainab Dowlut